Rish Kamunge

TikToker Rish Kamunge has allegedly opted to cut ties with Pastor Victor Kanyari as she regrettably apologizes for her mistakes on her Tiktok account.

“We are headed in the wrong direction and something inside my heart, inside my soul, inside my brain, I just feel like this is not what am supposed to be doing. Nafeel I am embarrassed by the way about what is happening and I just want it to end here,” Rish said.

 She went on to say;

“First and foremost I want to own up to my mistakes, ningependa kukubali makosa yangu, I know that I have hurt people, I know their people who might be crying because of what I have done, I know their people who are ashamed also those who would want to quit from my life because of what I have done,”.

Rish explains to her fans that she is still learning and is also thankful to those who cautioned her about her wrong move that might cost her later on.

“For those people who have called me and told me this is not the right thing am grateful, I own up nimekubali makosa yangu na tafadhali munisamehe. Whatever happened at that altar was wrong, kile kitu ilifanyika kwa hayo madhabau si kizuri, I don’t know that lady I met her for the first time,” Kamunge said.

According to Rish, she met that lady in church after she was brought to sit next to her and the lady confessed to Rish that she is her fan. 

Rish continued explaining to her fans that she was not betraying the other lady and she was an amazing lady.

She went on and explained that every individual has their weaknesses so she can’t point fingers at the lady. 

She condemned the act of taking condoms to church -terming it disrespectful in the presence of God.

Rish then publicly said that she has washed her hands of anything that concerns Pastor Kanyari and promised her fans not to be involved in kind of scandals again.

Kamunge also confessed that the whole act of being with Pastor Kanyari was clout chasing.

“Trust you me it was clout chasing but I never knew it would get to this move,” Rish said.