Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On the drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, they tackled a topic on men's mental health.

They touched on how men usually keep their problems to themselves instead of sharing to get help.

The radio duo noted that keeping things a secret eventually drains the person affected and therefore its god to open up.

“You know am wondering, how do you know that your mental health is declining because you know you men are so different from as women juu sisi ma hormones all over the place but for you how do you tell that it is on the slope down,” Mwalimu Rachel asked Xclusive.

In response to Mwalimu Rachel’s question, Xclusive said “When you go on a benda especially tuseme kama you are looking forward to having your drink, unataka tu ukunywe, upige sherehe. You know there are times you either want to be high ama you want to be distracted from it,” Xclusive explained.

According to Xclusive people who frequently go to parties even on working days - a higher chance is that they are trying to drink up all their struggles so that they can at least forget about them for a moment.

He says such people are just trying to mask the situation by going to parties.

“And sasa ikija time you are trying to maintain your mental health, I know you’ve been posting something wherever you are in the gym, ndo nimeenda therapy session, how important is it hii mambo ya activity na pia diet?” Mwalimu Rachel asked Xclusive.

“First of all going to the gym itself for it’s the best of therapy how I look at it because this is the one time those two hours everything shuts off," Xclusive responded to Mwalimu Rachel.

"Nikona headphones zangu naskiza muziki, any kind of stress that I maybe having na release kwa chuma, so it’s very important to have an outlet."

Mwalimu Rachel went on to say that sometimes men tend to have sex as a stress reliever, which according to Xclusive will drain you even more, so he prefers going to the gym.