Victoria Kimani

On the morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, they had an interview with Victoria Kimani as she shared exclusive insights about her future projects.

Kwambox kicked off the interview by asking Victoria if lives in Nairobi.

This is because she is always on a flight going somewhere as her posts suggest on Instagram. A lot of people even think she is not Kenyan nor does she live in Nairobi.

To Kwambox’s surprise, Victoria disclosed that she lives in Nairobi just that people are so focused when she travels that’s why they think she is not from Kenya.

“Yeah I live in Nairobi,” Victoria confirmed.

“Really that’s crazy, I don’t know coz I always put my location on my Instagram I literally always do that, people just assume or they only pay attention when I have travelled that’s the thing a lot of Kenyans do.”