Kwambox and Kerry Martin

Kwambox and Kerry Martin played a certain voice note from a fan that letf them so confused. 

“Hey Kwambox and Kerry, hide my ID, dem wangu anafikiria nimeenda UK kutafutia familia but in real sense niko UK Kesses, life imekuwa hard manzee but niko hapa na enjoy my life na vienyeji,” the man in the voice note said.


This confession left Kwambox so amused and with a lot of unanswered questions as to why someone would decide to do such a thing to their girlfriend.

Kerry on the other hand took sides with the man and said men should keep ladies guessing.

Kwambox went an added that at this point one should go live on social media with their partners to avoid being kept in the dark by our partners.


“What could be giving a man pressure like this, is it about spending, that every moment you set out of the door you are just spending, so this guy has taken a break from the relationship and they are in the same country but he is spending time with other women out here,” Kwambox said.

According to Kerry women are the ones who usually lie about their location way better than men do. An instance is where a lady is comfortably relaxing at home and she posts at her social media stories that she is somewhere at a certain location having fun.

“Babes are the ones who lie more about their location, yani you check about a babes story heeh amecollect zile picha zote date manzee anapest ile meal anakula unafikiria anakula hio nini hapo kumbe ako nyumbani anakoroga noodles,” Kerry said.