Kamene and Jalang'o is studio
Kamene and Jalang'o is studio
Image: Kiss100

Kamene Goro is speaking on behalf of other ladies when she says the story of men going to kinyozi's should be banned.

Her concerns are being raised from watching a video circulating on social media of a lady massaging a man in the barbershop and what's most noticeable is her thighs which are exposed.

Jalang'o who is a frequent kinyozi visitor - you have seen how sharp he looks - came to the defense of his fellow men saying the massage is a means to help relieve stress.


"There are four seats in the barbershop a man goes through. The reception seat where a lady offers the man a drink, then the shaving seat, the washing seat and finally the seat of all seats, the massage seat. You need a lady to come with oil and let your head rest between her chest and let her serenade you and massage your problems away. If you're wearing a t-shirt, they will remove your t-shirt so that you enjoy your massage up until your back. My wife took me to a kinyozi and she said she will never take me there again.  These are just simple pleasures that you should let men enjoy. Her duty and role ends in an hour. We do all this to look good for our lady's." Jalang'o said

Kamene was clear that her man will not be going to a barbershop, she will provide all the services there.

The man coming to my life must know, I will shave your hair and ndevu. I know how to massage and shave. Going to get massaged by a girl is cheating. I do not go for a massage I let my man do it for me. Just know if you go lay on her chest in the barbershop, you can as well go lay on that  in her house because you're not coming home

Jalang'o asked Kamene one question, why do women want to have double standards?

Why is it double standards and when women go to the salon she wants a man to do the pedicure and you usually go with a short skirt and you usually sit on a chair above him so he has a view. Do you see us complain?

Men calling in told Kamene to relax and let men get to experience this little pleasure, while the female callers supported Kamene's idea of shaving men at home.