Simplicity is the closet we as mortal man will get to perfection. That is a fitting way to introduce Nick Mutuma and his minimalist approach to fashion. And while I find that a minimalist approach to personal style demands either an Atlas-esque charisma or near Adonis good looks, it is by far the simplest of the personal stylings to incorporate into your wardrobe that we have ever looked at:

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Nick Mutuma however, seems well versed in the prose of speaking this simple fashion poetry. He has been rocking a rather simple, almost bland and yet he rocks the defecate out of it! Nick Mutuma always looks presentable in his simple yet elegant style. Check out how he dresses in a minimalist way below:

This is as minimalist as it gets. One colour, black. And just to break the monotony and to match his weekender bag, Nick Mutuma has thrown on brown boat shoes.


I am beginning to sense a theme here… Polo shirts. They are fantastic if you have a fit body as they show it off and you can even dress them up with a suit or blazer.
Another minimalist look from Nick Mutuma. Black denim jacket, black crew neck t-shirt, black jeans and black low cut Chuck Taylors.
Polo shirt? Check. Jeans? Check. Sealed with captain boots and just so you see the detailing in the boots, Nick Mutuma has cuffed his jeans.
Chinos are versatile pants. Yoou can either dress them up for a meeting or dress them down like Nick has done. Bomber jacket and Vans sneakers to match.
This is the Canadian tuxedo. A denim jacket, denim pants and he has sealed the deal with Vans sneakers. pretty minimalist.
Black polo, blue jeans and sneakers. And as I said, his charisma and good looks carry the outfit.
Nick Mutuma looks dapper in a sports jacket (blazer), a plain grey crew neck t-shirt and brown leather moccasins
If you ever want to attend a black-tie affair but find ties stuffy, why not go for a nice Nigerian linen suit? Nick Mutuma looks dapper in his and my ancestors are beaming with pride.
Let no one lie to you that the lad doesn’t clean up nice. Nick Mutuma really cleans up nice and every man should have atleast one suit in his wardrobe.