To call Babu Tale the brains behind Wasafi Records is to state the obvious. I doubt you will find anyone with an opposing view to that statement. Babu Tale is the grease that keeps the WCB machine running and the brains behind its engine.

That said, the past few days, alot has been said about the way the artistes affairs are run especially since two of them, Mbosso and Harmonize, lost their managers:

WCB management shaken by resignation of second artiste manager

And alot was said about some of the artistes either leaving or looking for better deals elsewhere:

Rayvanny finally leaving WCB? He addresses issues regarding his departure

And as you can imagine, market place chatter can mess up the value of a business so it only makes sense that Babu Tale spoke out to try and stem any tide and mitigate any damage that might have been caused by all the allegations.
Perhaps it was overkill given that Diamond Platnumz, the face of the company had already spoken but it also goes to show you just how seriously these people take their investment in Wasafi Records.

Anyway, here is what Babu Tale had to say:

@harmonize_tz atashindana vipi na @diamondplatnumz wakati kabla hajaachia wimbo uongozi ni lazima upitishe kwanza, Mkataba wa WCB haumkatazi msanii kuondoka”

And what about Rayvanny’s contractual situation given he had intimated that he was still signed to his primary record label Tip Top?

“TipTop Kama Kundi la Muziki Haipo Tena, Kila Mmoja anatafuta ugali wake kwingine”

So it would seem these WCB artists are free to work with whomever they please down to having collabos and going on tour with other artistes but certain clauses are immutable and Babu Tale has every intention of holding them accountable to them.