Laptops, tablets smartphones. Yes, technology has made our life so much easier and it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty cool too.

But unfortunately everything has it’s pros and cons. Technology is good for us if used right, but abuse of technology available to us impacts our health.

Your smartphones, laptop, desktops and desktop emit a blue light from their screens if exposed for long amounts of time could potentially blind you.

This isn’t really a secret, manufacturers of these devices have installed a certain type of mode on your phone which would switch to a yellowish tint to reduce the amount of blue light exposure you get.

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Researchers from the University of Toledo studied the impact of blue light coming from the sun and devices as well.

They found out that the blue light triggers toxic reactions in the retinal molecules that sense light and send signals to the brain.

The retinal used by photo-receptors in our eyes is what allows us to see. The blue light kills these cells and once these cells die they cannot be regenerated causing blindness.

The effect is worse when observing these screens in a dark room.

To avoid this you probably want to limit the amount of time you look at screens on a daily basis especially when your in a pitch black room.

You can also change the color of your screen to a more warmer tone to avoid exposing your eyes to the blue light.

Another thing you can do is change the mode you have on your apps to a night theme. It’s a lot less bright and harmful to your eyes.

The goal here is to limit the amount of  blue light intensity.

Your smart phone is something you use on a daily basis but unfortunately texting for long periods of time with your head down and your neck lowered can lead to some serious problems.

Your head weighs about 5.6 kilos and it increases in weight every time you lower your head .

On average most people tilt their heads to a 45 degree angle to text on their phone. That’s about 22 kilograms of stress on your neck and cervical spine.

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Multiplied with the hundreds of hours you spend texting on your phone. This leads to some serious health issues like spondylosis ,arthrirtis ,osteoarthritis,degenerative joint disease and more.

To avoid this you want to raise the height you hold your phone to a point where your eyes are level with your phone and avoid keeping your head in a forward head position.

Learn to take breaks and avoid prolonging the use of your cell phone in that position.It helps to stretch your neck muscles.

Your head phones might also be an issue for your hearing. Ever walked into a matatu playing incredibly loud music, put your headphones on and play your music a lot louder.

Turns out your actually damaging your hearing. Exposure to loud sound usually 95-100 decibels for hours will eventually lead to hearing loss.

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These extremely loud sounds damage the hair cells in your ears that carry information to your brain for interpretation which is how you hear.

Once these cells have been exposed to loud sounds for long periods of time they die. Hearing loss isn’t reversible once their gone their gone.

It’s difficult to know if your losing your hearing.A simple way to know is after listening to your music unplug and check to see if you hear a ringing noise.This is mild tinnitus  and in more serious cases leads to full blown tinnitus.

To avoid this sort of damage you should invest in noise canceling or noise isolating head phones.

They do a good job of canceling noise from the outside world therefore you wouldn’t need to increase your volume in order to mask out the noise.

Also reduce the amount of time you expose yourself to loud music on your device.

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