Otile Brown is making moves internationally.

If you thought Kenya is the only country he is making headlines, then you are wrong. He had a tour in Sydney, Australia this weekend where he was accompanied by Esko CEO, DJ Creme De La Creme and from his social media posts, the show was lit.

Otile Brown

From his new song, ‘Kenyan Girl‘ he claims he loves Kenyan women and he will talk about them in the best way possible, but a few words he threw on stage did not make the fans there happy.

One Mustafa addressed the issue saying Otile gave his fans a bad show.

your performance was very poor last night please work on the way to perform on the stage. most of the audience were not impressed on how you carried and talked b*llsh*t on the stage

Of course, these comments rubbed Otile the wrong way and he could not hold back his words. He defended himself saying he loves Kenyan women and what they have to offer which includes their p**sy he says.

landed and came straight to the stage but damn! that show was fire I swear…we had so much fun bro. you must have been high or something and if talking of Kenyan p**sy is talking sh*t then you must be a boring human being or a kid who was at a wrong place at the wrong time…bless you fam. may peace be upon you #wegatnothingbutlove

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All Otile Brown was giving was great music to his fans abroad, but you can only but do your best you will always get equal measures of love and hate.

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