Bahati and Diana Marua have sustained their relationship despite the fact that so many people have so much negativity to sprinkle into their love life.

So Bahati confirmed that he did not date Diana before she got saved because she loved the brown bottle too much.

Yes, Diana Marua was a frequent tequila lover before meeting Bahati because she wanted to gain the courage to face him. Bahati confessed that everytime he met her, she was always smelling of liquor so that was a hindrance because he wanted a saved girl.

you used to down the other drink too much. there is a way every time we met you used to smell alcohol I don’t know if you worked in a bar but babe you were not fully saved

Embarrassed by his statement Diana confirmed the allegations saying:

yes we used to hook up when I have taken a few shots of tequila so that i can have a sober conversation with him

Bahati and diana marua

Diana Marua addresses Bahati’s relationship with his video vixens

To make matters worse, Diana would always deny she has partaken in the spirit. To a point, Bahati would question his judgment.

when I ask you, you’d always deny saying me? me? I have drank? then you exhale and question me if you have really drank.

The couple met when Bahati was shooting the video of his hit song, Mapenzi. She was a video vixen in the song courtesy of a mutual friend.

it was the day before we shot mapenzi. he wanted a video vixen and our mutual friend called me to feature and that is where it all begun 

It wasn’t until Diana got fully saved that Bahati decided to date her and now they are as far as a marriage and a baby girl.

we started dating when I got saved. before that it was just meet-ups, getting to know each other

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