Kabi and Milly wa jesus
Kabi and Milly wa jesus
So, what is the secret to a happy marriage?

As we head into the month of love, gospel singer and comedian Kabi wa Jesus and his wife Milly advise couples to involve Jesus in their marriage, if they want to be happy.

"That is why we call ourselves 'The WaJesus family'," the couple told Word Is last week.

The two have been married for one year and always share their happy moments on social media.

"If you put Jesus in your marriage, it is going to work and you will always be celebrated," Milly said.

They met around 2011, when Milly was still in high school. They dated for a while and Kabi proposed to his wife live on TV.

"I supported my wife when she was still in school and acted as a big brother to her," Kabi said.