Dennis Okari is arguable the most sought after Investigative journalist in the country.

Talking about his most scaring experience on his line of work, he revealed that it was just before an interview with the Somalia president

He said this on NTV Digital's 'QuickFire Friday'

We went to Somalia Jubaland and we were going to interview the president at statehouse and before leaving camp, we signed some documents and I could tell there was something they wereN't telling me.

I knew the soldiers are trained to behave a certain way and i could tell they are trying to be calm but there was something wrong. After the interview they drove us to an open field.

It was actually a bomb. the previous day i was taking the town shots in one of the road and they gave me 10 seconds to do that and i think the Al-shabaab had  seen us or somebody told them there were journalists around 

and because we were going to use the same road to whatever we are doing, they planted it early in the morning. What the military did, they were trying to go through the same route to make sure everything is okay

I was very very scared

Okari added that since he started investigative journalism, people have been giving him special treatment especially in restaurants thinking he is chasing a story about their organisation.

The journalist doubles up as a pastor.