Jahmby Koikai is a warrior, she has been able to get through several surgeries and still come out strong.

Endometriosis is a danger that many have been suffering from in silence and just like Jahmby keeps saying, there is a lot of misdiagnoses. Especially when it comes to matters hormonal. 

Taking to social media, she thanked the doctor from abroad who took her through the whole recovery journey.

"When I finally got a diagnosis for Stage 4 Endometriosis, Thoracic Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I was immediately advised to seek specialized treatment because we have no specialists in our continent who can treat Endometriosis and Thoracic Endometriosis(Endo in the lungs, diaphragm)I extensively researched and found a whole community of warriors online. The @centerforendocare was the best choice for me to finally get treatment. I'm forever grateful for Dr. Sinervo and his entire team. My family and country are grateful that I came back well."

Adding that there are doctors in Kenya who are not keen to understand certain diseases forcing us to seek medical care abroad.

"It is important as Endowarriors or advocates to be honest with ourselves. We have been through doctors who care less about our bodies and pain. Doctors who literally butcher us through countless surgeries. Doctors who refuse to be honest with us. We go desperately searching for help regardless of those doctor's race, tribe, political affiliations, gender etc. Yet most of these doctors have misdiagnosed us, damaged us even further. As a patient from Kenya, my concern was to get well. To finally be free from pain. I had to go that far because I wanted to live. I fought hard. I had never been to the US. This was my first time to that side of the world. Dr. Sinervo treated me as a human being, who needed utmost care. He understood and acknowledged what I'd gone through to get to his hospital. Today I can do so many things I couldn't do before. I'm getting back. I met one of the most amazing doctors in the world. One doctor who listened to me and didn't dismiss my pain. One doctor who treated the Thoracic Endometriosis. I've been through 21 surgeries and since my major surgeries at the CEC, I've never had a lung collapse. Dr. Sinervo treated me with a magnificent team."

Jahmby Koikai's call to action is to call out these doctors who do not care about period pains.

"As Endowarriors and advocates, we should be calling out all the other docs who have caused us irreversible damage, years of pain, endless medication, depression, etc. As we raise awareness on these platforms, let's be real, compassionate and show empathy. Let's also remember most of us on this side of the world don't have the privileges like those on that side of the world. This is a doctor who has restored the lives of countless women."