If you have been a loyal follower of Mission Impossible (M.I) then you know what it means to watch them as from the very first one. 

We have been waiting for the release of M.I 7 and from reports, the wait continues. The last one was released in 2018.

According to The Sun, 150 extras were informed that they were not to come in to shoot scenes that were on the filming schedule for Thursday evening. Claims are that a coronavirus test had come back positive from the production so filming needed to be suspended temporarily.

"There are about 150 extras involved in the filming and late on Thursday they were all told not to turn up for work and they would be notified when they would be allowed back on set.

'No official reason has been given but it's feared it's down to COVID and this will be the second time the production has been hit because of the virus." Source told The Sun

Remember at the beginning of this year, just when COVID-19 was fresh in the world, filming for the Mission Impossible movie where Tom Cruise is the main character was halted in Italy after cases of coronavirus rose sharply.

Italy had reported one of the highest coronavirus cases early this year.

In as much as this sucks for us super fans, the most important thing is staying safe and alive so we will be patient. The predicated date for the release of M.I 7 is November 2021.