Mejja is that one guy who has been trending for the last couple of months.

He has been working hard in terms of his music so he is definitely the talk in many blogs, radio shows, newspapers, TV shows and even in homes. He is a famous guy.

With all the fame, we have not seen him post his children as often as we would expect him to. I mean, have you seen some Kenyan celebrities who have made it to the class of fame? Their family is all over social media.

Not that I am judging. Speaking to Jalang'o, Mejja said he never wants to create a life for his child that they do not want.


"I have hidden my children off social media because I have never liked that story of tagging them, even opening a special media page for them. See everyone has their personality. I do not want to be abused, please. There are those who will say my child is not pretty that is why I do not post her. Please she is very beautiful.

Personally, I do not think it is good to put your kids on social media. If you think about yourself, when you were growing up you had a different personality as compared to now coz things changed. "

Adding that,

"So it could be I am posting my child now but when she grows up, she doesn't like this life of fame and I have already exposed her. She will then feel she can't go visit her friend who is in the ghetto because she fears pictures will be taken and the pressure is she must be in posh places.

Then you start feeding your child likes. When a baby is small she is cute. When she grows up she'll notice the likes are reducing then she'll get depressed over that saying she is no longer pretty. It is a very serious things. The future suicide will be about these likes."

Basically, let your child be a child.


"When my child gets to the age she can understand things and she wants it, it is okay. But do not deny your child the innocence of being a child, let her be a child and let her enjoy it."

This is Mejja's big lesson not only for celebrity parents, but every parent.