Matata has managed to give the world hit music after hit music and that is how they won our hearts.

The man behind the good music, their producer Mark Okothe aka Pink who is also Kenyan has left a huge gap in Matata's life.

The Norway based Kenyan artistes took to social media yesterday to announce the death of their producer.


"It is with deep sadness we announce the sudden death of our producer Mark Mick Okoth aka PINK. He was the producer behind Kata, Ruracio , Gengetone Love, gwash/kanali Haitaki Hasira ,Luchi star Rivas and many other songs."

They went ahead to state what kind of man he was saying,

"Our hearts ache 🥺😢as we try to come to terms with his sudden demise. A kind voice which was just a phone call away. A fellow creative who had so much dreams and ambitions. A brother who believed in our craft long before anyone else did and he trusted in our vision. Goodbyes hurt the most when the story was not finished 🥺☹️😢 just when you were in the process of acquiring fruits of your labour you have left us this hurts so much and we know your family is hurting even more." Matata continued

Adding that their fans can support 'Pink' through reaching out to them on DM.

"There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in our hearts Thanks for the memories 🤍🌹🕊If you wish to support his family during this trying times kindly DM us"

Goodbyes are never easy. From the Kiss100 family, we send our message of condolences and comfort to the family of Pink, his friends and of course to Matata.