Every new year people tend to use the old cliches; New year new me and I am cutting off this and that.

Most do or say as a form of therapy but do they really keep off the people ot the things they promised they would?

Today on the morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas gave their listeners to be as petty as they can be and name those they are cutting off.

To set the ball rolling, the two had to name those they don't intend to engage with or relate with in 2021.

"My cutting off is going to be perpetual, I told myself if I find myself in a position where you want us to argue no, bye!

There is one guy I cut off this year, I did not wish him happy new year or anything." Said Kamene.

Jalas says he has already identified that one friend whom he won't be tolerating anymore this year.

I have a pal who never talks to me unless he is in need, this year I have said the moment he says hi, I will ignore him till December.

I know you and you are listening, I need genuine friends only in my life.

Below are some of the callers who could not wait to do some cutting off this year;

"I am Cutting off my two girlfriends because I have a kind heart and I keep on going back to them," said one male caller:.

Chief Fornicator number one Kiss FM fan said: Nime cut off kila mtu nimebaki na Kamene.