Relax guys, I have the tea for you on what Jalang'o meant when he took to social media with a post saying AlexandJalas.

Remember this was the tag line the two used when they worked together elsewhere, before he joined the KISSFM family to co host with Kamene Goro.

That post raised a lot of concern with people thinking he was leaving KISSFM.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene started by saying,


"So I woke up to it will be well messages, tuko pamoja ati these things happen in life and I am like who is leaving me?"

"But watu wakona mambo." Jalas replied

Kamene added that she even had people praying for her.

"People were saying Jalang'o has left Kamene and she is by herself now I even got people praying for me on phone. I was like listen here, Jalang'o is not going anywhere."

Jalas assured his listeners that he is at KISSFM to stay.


"No, I am not. We are here to this forever forever. If you keep following you will see."


"By the way, let me tell you, this is the last station Jalas is working at. So he is not going back to work with Alex. " Kamene said

Jalas made it clear that they are just working on other projects.

"Of course yes. I will leave here, the number one radio station, when we have killed and made it.  Can't people just be friends? There are just other projects we are working on. Relax!  When  I leave here we are jumping into retirement."

So relax, he is still going to be on your airwaves on the number one hit music station.