Pierra Makena has raised her daughter Ricca Pokot to be a very brave, confident and smart little girl.

As compared to the lies we grew up knowing that children come from the supermarket, Ricca knows where babies come from and boldly told her mum they come from her tummy.

In a video she shared on Instagram, Pierra's daughter can be heard asking questions she has always wanted.

Pierra captioned the hilarious video,


Ambushed!!! Gosh!! Ametumwa huyu! I don't even have a caption for this one ...our QA chronicles someone help me!" 

The confident little girl then asked Pierra,

"So when is my mommy getting married so that she can get another baby?"

The question definitely left the mother in shock but she obliged saying.

 "Huh! Ah! For me to get married, I have to get a good man then marry him. Then you can be the flower girl."

Being a parent is not easy, but she did a good job. Now we wait for the good man and the marriage then the baby. Ricca wants siblings to play with.