If you follow Chito Ndhlovu on social media, you can always tell he is happy to have found a wife. And he loves her.

They have these cute little date nights and he supports her hustle 100%. That is the kind of man you should be praying for sister.

He walked down the aisle in 2019 to the life of his life. His greatest gift from God said I do to him before the church, family and friends.

Today, Chito celebrates her as his WCE, yes not just on Wednesdays, but every day.

"My wife is one of the greatest gift from God. Her love is a gift I am thankful for every day. " He posted

And then captioned the post saying,

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from God. A simple verse often said but, when I say I believe it with every beat of my heart and soul I believe it. This word is so true and very much alive every day of my life. This is not pressure for you to go get hitched, it is an encouragement that it is good and beautiful. Everything is working for my good, my latter days are greater than my former.  What the enemy has stolen God has restored 7 fold. Have a blessed day!"

Valentine's is coming, where is your boyfriend? But that does not mean you settle for less to avoid being a laughing stock on the 14th of February. 

Clearly, this is a month of love.