Let's not lie, rejection is hard and painful but si ni life? We have to accept and move on. Hata kama your intentions are pure.

And that is what Kiss FM's Chito Ndhlovu is here to put perspective on. It is okay to say no and for him or her to say no.

"People have the right to refuse your love no matter how pure your intentions are. You can hit on someone or you can want someone you can be pure but if they don't want to be with you, they do not want and it is their right.

The most important thing is you walking away from that moment. Many people feel like losers when they are rejected, they cause a tantrum saying why have you refused my love it is pure...no."

Truth is, si must. When someone is not ready, they really can't do much.

"You cannot force attraction. Sometimes someone is not in the head space to date or they do not have the emotional capacity to date and all those need to be in consideration. Are they ready?

And you have a right to refuse to but once you're married it is a bit tricky. Take your love where it is wanted." Chito concluded his weekly relationship advice.