You come for Zari Hassan, she might let you slide but you come for her children, she will come for you hard.

That is exactly what happened to one guy who thought it was just a comment. 

“But Hiyo ndala ya Tiffah Cjaelewa @Zarithebosslady” Troll cemented on a picture of Zari and Tiffah

Zari who was angered by this snide comment was not going to let it slide. She responded with a long comment to him saying,

"Sio lazima uelewe Maisha ya watu kwa picture moja. Ilo ndo tataizo la waswahili/Wabongo. You always seem to have people’s lives figured out in just one photo. Smh! Maybe she borrowed them from me, maybe they belong to the spa she was attending, maybe maybe… see there are always so many reasons lakini nyinyi, tukiwapa picture moja tu, you have it all figured out. Smh! Mnachosha”.

There is really no lie there. There is always someone with an opinion and sometimes as Yummy Mummy says, it really does not need to be aired.

Zari has been through a lot of hate on social media and she is used to it, but when it comes to her children, just avoid it altogether please.