The weekend was so heavy for many Kenyans. If you were not on the highway being blocked by police from going home, you must have been  part of those asking for the country to be unlocked.

Since the last announcement the President made, it had an effect on so many people's lives. Especially economically. Just when life was getting a small balance, we were locked.

Over the weekend the likes of Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul and Mejja came out seeking for the President to have some sympathy and open up the country. This is not the first time they are crying out to the government.

KissFM's Jalango was also part of those who want the country to be opened. But his message to his fellow celebrities was that they need to find means of making money outside Nairobi. Especially now that we are under cessation and a strict curfew.

After the struggle Kenyans went through on Saturday where cops blocked major roads yesterday just minutes past curfew, it upset him.

He took to social media crying enough is enough.

"We must accept that we are on our own and nobody cares about what we are going through and if we can't do something now nothing will change! So Mr. President announces an 8 pm curfew and we accept but as we rush to beat the curfew time the roads are blocked!! In that traffic there are essential services providers, we have sick people we have people who are honestly just going home but have been caught off guard! What does blocking the roads help in reducing corona? Do you even care that these people you are blocking to go home are out here husting to have your salaries paid? Do you know without them paying taxes you would not have the salaries that are giving you that opportunity to choose whatever you want to eat in that buffet in the middle of a pandemic! Enough is Enough! Yes, we know curfew is 8 pm but we were using those last minutes to try and get an extra shilling that you will still tax to have you paid! Bleeding a leech to fatten a heifer!!#FreshStart."

These are the sentiments of so many Kenyans if not all Kenyans who are deep in the hustle.