Amber Ray and Amira closed the week with the biggest story yet. These two went at each other in the course of the week all in the name of love.

They are both married to one Jimal and they all want to be his number one which means, war.

After all the drama in Syokimau a  few days ago, Amber said she will go live to explain her side of the story.

The fight that occurred on Tuesday left Kenyans scratching their heads on what could have gone wrong between the two women.

Sharing details of that fateful night via her YouTube channel, Amber Ray said:

''I was in Machakos to see how things were going as I have an event on Saturday.


I was rushing back home as my husband was already at home he was just speaking on the phone.

The gate to my compound was not locked, I locked the first gate and when I was closing the second gate it caught on something.

Upon checking, I found out that it was a dead bird and it was very dry, so I called my husband to come and see it.

He was there talking on the phone, he asked me to take a photo or a video and that is what I did.''

Amber added that while she made a call to her pastor, she went to the house to cook for her husband as he does not eat food made by her house manager.

''When I was starting to cook is when I heard Amira's voice outside.

She was calling me a prostitute.

I called a friend of mine who I was with in Machakos and she asked me to stay indoors as I waited for her to come.''

The mother of one added that she had reached her end due to the negative energy she has been getting over her drama with Amira hence she went out to fight her.

"I felt like this is now too much as I have been getting so much negative energy from social media because of her.

And she was now bringing the drama to my house. 

So  I wore a dera and went outside. Nliamua leo is that day.''

And the drama continues...