Have you come across the phrase; "Peace of mind kwa wanaume ni ku cheat bila kuulizwa?"

As Kamene and Jalas were dissecting the phrase, something interesting came up as the two tried to figure out the true meaning of Peace of mind for a man.

"Peace of mind comes in a lot of ways. Sometimes I want to go out with the boys sometimes just once in a week. Sometimes the chic you are with is on her phone all the time." Jalas said.

He added,

Sometimes your woman still wants to video call you all the time and wants to know who you are with. All these is not because you are somewhere cheating but ni kwa sababu dame ni sumbua.

Kama dame anasumbua it's cause ako na insecurities and have you asked yourself why she is insecure?" Kamene asked.

Jalas responded by arguing that her insecurities might be because the two of you met at a sherehe and knowing that is where you got her hence why she will always be insecure.

Kamene says the only solution to avoiding all that drama is dating women who are busy.

Madem zuia spirit of insecurity also mandem tafuta dame ana kitu ya kufanya."  Said Kamene.