Anerlisa Muigai claims she's finally free to just breathe. She has not specified what she is free from, but I will just tell you if you know, you know.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she had a subliminal message to someone who messed around with her.

"Don't fv*k over the current person in your life for someone from your past. Your past always pops up when your future looks bright." Anerlisa shared

Just a few days ago, she went on to rant about ‘not being anybody’s baby mama;’ and also said that she's not one to be controlled.

"If you start something, have the guts to finish it too. NKT. N/B I am nobody's baby mama so don't think you can hold my life!!!" She posted

Anerlisa has often chosen to keep her life private and it has worked for her. I mean now all we are doing is guessing who could these messages be to?

But then again, remember she once said sometimes she can say somethings just to confuse her enemies and also to know who is real and who is not.

From the videos she has been posting, she is really happy and at peace and we said that is what we are choosing this year ama?