Dear babes, come closer Kamene has a challenge for you. Are you the kind of wife/girlfriend who takes time and effort to gift their man?

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene who is riding solo was surprised that a wife would gift her man a whole yacht.

"This chic got married to the love of her life and since she considers this man the one, she got this man a huge gift." Kamene said

Playing the audio, the chic bought her man a yacht saying it is very difficult to gift him since manz has everything.

"Let me pull up for you the average price of a yacht. For a 40 fort is the small one the baby one like the one down at the coast give or take it goes for 300 000 dollars which is 30 million. Boo boo wherever you are look at your mandem right now and think, would you spend that amount of money on your man on a gift?

Honestly for me personally, I need to be a quadrilionaire to spend that amount of money on my man. How far have you gone when it comes to gifting ama wewe ni kama mimi. Dame wa sock, vest na boxer." Kamene asked

I do not know where you stand but 30 million? Weh