It is no doubt that other than enjoying making music and being a good husband, Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers enjoys being a father.

He is not one to share a lot about his life but he has opened up a space for his fans to walk this journey of fatherhood with him. Though we are still waiting to see Baby O's face to see whose genes are stronger.

Taking to social media, he posted a picture with his son saying he misses being around Baby O.


"How I miss this little man 😩😩 Any tips of how to handle missing your kids are very much welcome. This isn’t easy yo! #FatherStudies #AfricanFathers #BlackDads"

The solution to his question was given by Bien in black and white where he told him on the comment section that he should get more babies.

"Get more so you can stay with some when others are away. Our parents did it."

Lady Mandy, Polycarp's wife replied to Bien basically saying not now.

"@itsmefancyfingers the user cannot be found 🚣🏾‍♀️🏊🏾"

Last we heard about the couple getting another baby, she said not now but we know Polycarp wants another one. The two are just amazing parents.