If you're a social media user, I am almost sure you have seen 28-year-old Osuma Brad's name pop up a couple of times. Always so close to the name, 'Big Fish'.

The tweep opened a restaurant where people could sit and enjoy not only fish but good fish. The before and after pictures you see of customers there will have you salivating.

Today on The Morning Kiss Money Monday's edition, Osuma told his fans his story saying it started with a kibanda.


"My first one was in 2018 October. I graduated in 2016 and in those two years all I was doing was internships trying to align with my career. You know the Nairobi life is hard and everything here you have to pay for and that internship life was not working.

My sister used to sell fish as her side hustle, I said I will join her but not by the roadside I wanted a space where we can open a kibanda for people to come and enjoy fish. From then we moved and now I have three outlets." Osuma shared

Jalas told the young fans listening to stop wanting it big instead, just starting with what you have and grow.

Osumo is a professional Bio Chemist and because he could not find a job, he opted for something completely different as long as it brought him money.

" The area used to be full and now people used to eat in shifts so we decided to look for a bigger space that would accommodate a lot of people. We then build a second one with 48 seats from 10 seats in the kibanda. But that one also used to get full and so we had to open another one."

Kamene asked Osuma how he managed to get his business up and running and actually growing despite the pandemic and all the regulations and measures that came with it.

" We had customers and we were on demand so we closed for one day and opened. Social media has also really helped me grow. Especially Twitter which is like a village. I posted one picture of fish and that is the picture that has got me where I am now. I posted my number and offers I have and the next thing I know, it was retweeted and orders started coming in hot.

People used to come eat fish and take a picture saying it is for the culture and so it started going viral and here we are now."

His sister is the one who makes the fish and he says, once she hits the kitchen, she puts her best foot forward and he was the one making the ugali.

The one piece of advice he left people with is, do not be afraid of talking about your business, tell it to everyone because that is your customer. Shoot your shot and be loud.