Boniface Mwangi who has been an activist for a very long time is not in support of what is happening to Edgar Obare.

In fact, he supports the work Edgar is doing because he has always been about exposing vices in our country.

Taking to social media, Boni did a short video expressing his disappointment. He said that it is a shame that criminals are not punished but those who speak the truth are.

"We live in a country that punishes those who speak the truth and those who seek justice. A country we call journalists and activists names and do not punish criminals. Reminds me of the Israelites who said they should crucify Jesus and release Barnaba's who is a killer.

The bad guys thrive in this country because we defend the crominals. Defend those who speak the trith. If Edgar Obare had committed a crime, he would have been arrested but he hasn't. He shared stories he was sent to by people who knew what was going on in this country.

We need more Edgar Obares and less of those criminals. We need to give our kids better examples and those 'wash wash' are not good examples. Our kids must be taught on the benefits of hard work.

It is hard for those who do good to earn a living than those who commit crimes. We must change our ways have a good day."

On his Instagram stories, his son who also got to know a bit about what Edgar is going through was in class as Boniface told him hard work should be the way to go.