Etana in Kiss studios October 29th, 2021
Etana in Kiss studios October 29th, 2021

Legendary reggae artiste Etana was in Kiss FM studios this morning where he set the house on fire with her vibrance, vocals and great vibes.

In fact, Jalang'o was ready to risk it all for the 'I rise' hit maker only to be knocked by 'I am not in the market currently.' Say a pray for our breakfast host.

Etana who is set to perform at the Pamoja festival this Saturdy, says she has been told that Kenyans expect nothing but at least a 2-hour performance from her and she is not worried at all.

"I am not worried because I have songs for days I have songs In the bag," said Etana.

Even the day of the travel we were still rehearsing on that day. Last time I was on stage was for two hours and guys better be ready because I am bringing in the energy."

She already a household name and when asked about the kind of legacy she would love to leave behind she said it is all about how her songs have and will continue to mpact generations.

"There will be people in the world who will be telling stories of the impact the music has had in their lives. That is my that people will share the story with their children and generations to come, to me that is what."

Etana with Kamene and Jalas in kiss studios
Etana with Kamene and Jalas in kiss studios

When asked the same question in a previous interview from our very own Kalondu MUsyimi, she said;

"It is important to focus on leaving a legacy, Keeping our generation strong, we keep building and keep growing and with unity comes more strength and the more we unite, the more we strengthen. That's the message I want  people to get from my songs."

"Our cultures are alike, we eat almost like the same food, we wear the same kind of clothes, the culture is rich and I feel like I'm home."

Make sure you grab your tickets and get to enjoy Etana's first ever performance since Covid-19 pandemic.