Kamene solo
Kamene solo

Three months ago, a stalker by the name of pastor Tindi who claims to be madly in love with Kamene shocked us all.

This was after he wrote her a 100-page love letter professing his love for Kamene claiming that the two were meant to be and he said he would pack his bags and travel from Mombasa to Nairobi to look for her.

If that was not enough, the man even went an extra mile of attaching his CV, newspaper cut ins of Menje as well as his KCSE results.

Yaani it was like he was applying for a tender!

Fast forward and Tindi has decided to strike again! He wrote another letter and this time it left Kamene confused as a goat on an astroturf.

"First of all please know that he hates you (Jalang'o) na akaniambia God also hates me," Kamene said.


"He also wrote another letter to Sheila Kwamboka complaining about me and he said that after previous letters he had decided that I am not the woman for him.

But the holy spirit led him back to me and he must make me his wife and we are going to build a church in Nairobi."


Pastor Tindi went on to claim that he once dated Sheila Mwanyiga from 2003 to 2015 and alleged that Kamene and Jalas are dating and was planning to write the latter's wife to tell her about their relations.

Watch the video below;