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We have concerts coming up this festive season,  like the much awaited Konshens concert on 31st December. Who doesn't want to look sexy and comfortable in such an event?

From chic to cozy tops to supportive footwear, I've rounded up the ideal outfits to wear for every coming event.


When choosing the best top to wear, might I suggest something that works if you wanted to dance like no one is watching. A band tee is exactly what you need.

band tee
image: courtesy band tee


I will admit that I've been ill equipped  in previous concerts-like wearing a miniskirt and heels just for fun. But when it comes to style, comfort and practicality, you cannot go wrong with a pair of jeans or shorts. Sometimes, most concerts can go on through the night, so be sure to be comfortable wearing your favorite denim bottoms.

image: courtesy bottoms


Before shows start, it's  usually cold. That's why it's  ideal to carry a jacket with you. Even though it's  annoying carrying an extra piece of clothing  with you, you'll  be glad you did.Just carry a simple jacket that you can tie around your waist when the concert begins and you feel hot.

image: Courtesy jacket


Comfortable shoes are a must unless it's a sit down concert. From waiting in line to dancing the night away as your favorite artist sings, there's  a lot of standing.You will need to wear supportive  footwear in order to avoid post-concert pains.

image: courtesy shoes


Having to hold your phone or anything in a concert is anything but convenient. Carrying a mini purse or handbag is the perfect solution. However, ensure it's a bag that perfectly fits across your body for comfort while dancing, and also for safety.

hand bag
hand bag