In today’s world, basic needs include; food, clothing, shelter and the new invention... the internet!

 'Net’, as many people refer to it, has proven to be a basic necessity and it’s safe to say that we can’t live without it.

Apart from being a major source of entertainment, it has helped upraise the livelihood of hundreds of its users, from TikTok and YouTube creators to online transcribers who earn and learn as writers.


From Thursday's show on Kiss FM, various callers outlined how they’ve benefited from using the internet as both full and part-time jobs.

Social media has played key roles in development as internet-serviced sites help in providing reliable information irrespective of time, place and relevance.

An online reader can access outdated news from aeons ago at their own comfort.

Kenyan content creators, such as Azziad Nasenya, have openly praised the internet explaining how she is able to afford what she couldn’t before since she is earning huge amounts from TikTok and YouTube just by creating viral skits.


Since Covid-19 hit, learning hasn’t been an issue for students as they can easily access online classes and have online group meetings when preparing for semester exams all thanks to the internet.

How has the internet aided your living hood?

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