at Kiss FM studio
Kamene and Obinna at Kiss FM studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Following an event that took place earlier this week, where an aspiring politician was captured throwing cake to a huge crowd, The Morning Kiss hosts were discussing how such a scene can display how various politicians look down on us.

Kamene, on Thursday morning, wasn’t having it as she interpreted the act as to that of a farmer throwing food to his or her poultry animals.

She stated “There was a rally over the weekend where an aspiring Kiambu Women rep was addressing a huge crowd, I assume there was a cake on stage for one reason or the other and you know in such huge events there are people who are handed a plate to passover cake to the rest of the crowd, now this lady decided to throw cake to her audience for whatever reason best known to her.

She continued to explain that, “At home we had chickens because my mum was totally that parent and in the morning you make sure you open for them and feed them and I used to see my mum throwing food at them and seeing such an event it reminds me of my mum and her poultry.”

Obinna, with a similar opinion to that of Kamene, said, “it’s all about the perception of how you see things, maybe for her she saw nothing wrong, labda aliona hao ni makuku zake, (either she thought her crowd resembled her chickens).

Kamene continued to dissect the act as she urged Kenyans to no longer be overly nice to politicians who at the end of the day will despise us.

Kenyans, we need to stop being so accepting of apologies, these guys do some monkey business on us then they realize that they’ve have made a mistake then they come and say oh! Am so sorry and add on that imagine that was not the plan.”

In simple terms, such politicians will continue doing the same jokes, the same mess and know that they will just come and say sorry and get away with it.

Check out the video conversation below;

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