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Residents of Meru county were left in a panic over a possible lion attack after spotting a carrier bag from the Carrefour chain of supermarkets.

The bag, whose design takes after the head of a lion had been placed under a flower bed, and to the naked eye, it looked like a lion waiting to attack.

On today’s morning show, Kamene and Obinna were trying to analyze all possible reactions the villagers had once they noticed the ‘hiding lion’.


Watu wa Meru tuache kangeta, kwa sababu ukipiga kangeta unaanza kuona vitu zako, (People of Meru, we need to stop chewing a lot of khat because once you injest a lot of it, you start hallucinating.).” said the hilarious Obinna as he tried to mimic the Meru-Embu accent.


Fake lion in Meru
Fake lion in Meru

Kamene continued to add on, saying that once we engage in drugs, we end up in an impaired judgement state where we cannot understand what is going on.


Obinna continued, with his hilarious accent, “Walikuwa ki rasta, ona simba marara, wacha nikuambie kitu na usiangalie haraka kwa sababu utaishtua, angalia pole pole, unaona chini ya bench, kuna simba inatuchungulia, leo tumekufa, haya toa simu pole pole na upigie chief ndio apigie KWS.”

(They must have been high on drugs, the spotters were saying, look at that lion, let me tell you something and don’t look as hurriedly at it incase you scare it.  

Just below the bench, we have a lion peeping through, I am sure we will die today, take out your phone slowly, dial the chief’s number who then will call the KWS organization.)

In July 2021 a lion was spotted taking a stroll in Ongata Rongai.

The stray lion was spotted by tenants lying on the corridors of residential houses.

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) was immediately alerted of the presence of the lion and responded promptly by rushing to evacuate the lion from the scene.

KWS officers dispersed the large crowd from the scene and proceeded to remove the stray lion from the residential area.

The lion is believed to have escaped from the Nairobi National Park because of its close proximity to the area.

It is believed that lions leave the park due to its close proximity to the human habitat.

It is however a risky thing because it can easily attack when it feels threatened or agitated.

Check out the video conversation below:

Fake lion in Meru
Fake lion in Meru

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