Kevin Kinuthia
Kenyan content creator Kevin Kinuthia

Famous Kenyan cross dresser and Tiktoker Kelvin Kinuthia just revealed that he has lost access to his Youtube account.

The account boasts over 41 thousand subscribers and is part of the young Tiktoker's sources of income as he posts his creative content.

Speaking to Mungai Eve during a recent interview he revealed that he lost access when he lost his previous phone as it is the one he'd used to create the channel and his gmail account was signed to it as well.

In the interview he said, "Stress tu ndio mingi...I'm just trying to pull myself together. It is painful. I had put a two-step verification code, then requested the code to be sent to my email. But then I changed my phone and hadn't logged unto that email anywhere else. When I tried login into my channel I couldn't."

He went on to talk about how he had tried accessing his email and looking for help from different sources without any success.

"I can't get the code as it is being sent to my email  thus I can't be able to access my channel. If you search you will find it but I can not access it. 

I had traded my old phone where my email was logged in, added some cash, and got a new one. When I called the shop my old phone had already been sold. It had been formatted as it had to be sold to a new owner."

Kinuthia admitted that if everything failed and he truly could not find a way to access his email in order to log back in to his account then he is willing to open a new YouTube channel account so as to continue providing content for his fans.

"I decided to tell people because someone out there might help me. There's no use of me keeping this to myself. I will open a new channel in the meantime because I am losing new content."

He revealed that a friend had told him that they could help but in the meantime he'd open a new account as life had to go and he was losing on content. Plus on the positive side he'd promised his fans a comedy account for a while now.