Huddah Monroe
Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan socialite and beauty mogul, Huddah Monroe just hinted that she's got a new crush.

Ironically he's Kenyan and if I may refresh your memory the cosmetic mom had made it known that,"Kenyan men are not her type." Well I guess a little bit of fame and a whole lot of money changes one's type real quick.

Earlier this year, she had complained about how she was having a hard time settling back in Kenya after two years in Dubai especially since Kenyan men were not up to her standards.


However, her tune seems to have changed. Over the weekend Huddah took to her social media page to express her interest in the fastest man in the African continent.

"Omanyala is not so bad looking, hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki (It seems as if I'm not leaving Kenya anytime soon.) @ Mpasho organize that date." She posted on her insta stories. 


Someone, please tell miss Monroe Omanyala is a married man, though I bet she already knows that.

As fate would have it or it was sheer "coincidence" the socialite expressed interest in the sprinter after his outstanding performance at the Kip Keino classic where he set a world lead of 9.85 winning the men's 100 meter championship. 

Thus being crowned the fastest man on the continent of Africa.

Even though Ferdinand is Kenyan he just so happens to be Huddah's type of man who the beauty mogul likes-a man who is well built, physically and financially. 

In the past, she confessed that she is into tall, dark, and handsome men however they can be difficult to date because their mothers make it difficult.  

She also said she does not mind a little infidelity it's just the lies that totally turn her off. She also added that dating a black man is like going into a maze.

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