Happy Mother
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Following yesterday’s Mother’s Day celebrations, most Kenyans took the opportunity to post their Mothers on social media.

On today’s Morning Kiss, Kamene and Obinna, on behalf of the mothers, thanked everyone who posted in celebration.

However, the two condemned those who posted but didn’t send back money or anything of value as a token of appreciation.

Kamene, as she introduced the topic, started by saying that every day is a Mother’s Day and hoped that everyone had a chance to celebrate their mother.


Obinna continued to say, “This is what I will say, ok so first of all everybody who celebrated their mothers on Mother’s Day, Asante Sana (Thank You very much), however, if you know that yesterday was the only day you were celebrating your mother on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp and she is not even there because she uses a kabambe, shame on you!"

He further added, “If you know you wrote a paragraph and you don’t know the last time you bought your mum a wrapper, or if you know you posted your mum and she still lives In that roundhouse in the village or in tattered beddings you are in ignorance and as a child, your mother will never tell you what she needs, it's upon you.”

In simple terms, the two hosts advocated for a better relationship with one's parents, especially mothers, and insisted on regular check-ups to facilitate the luxury of one's parents.


Some celebrities took it to social media, to convey sweet messages to their mothers.

Wahu Kagwi’s message warmed a lot of Kenyan’s hearts as she wrote, “Nothing gives me more happiness than being a mum. Nothing has humbled me more than being a mum. Nothing has brought me closer to God than being a mum. Nothing has brought me closer to my own mum, than being a mum. To my fellow mums, let's normalise celebrating ourselves more. We are doing GOOD!! we are doing our best! And God knew your kids needed a mum just like you. Happy mother's day mummies!! We are the REAL DEAL!! "

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