Corazon kwamboka
Corazon kwamboka
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Happy Mother's day.

Its a beautiful day to celebrate mothers. And your favorite celebrities have send messages to their mother's, their mother's children and their fans.

Read what your favs had to write on social media.


Kate Actress

"Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums on my TL. I hope you feel appreciated every day . You are doing amazing."

Grace Msalame


"Motherhood, a journey like no other that comes with no manual but one where the student too is the teacher in so many ways. Forever grateful & honored to get a front seat view of these precious lives. Happy Mothers Day to all Mums (In waiting, adoptive, bonus Mums, rainbow Mums, grieving Mums) ALL!And to those who may not have their Mums here with them anymore, I’m thinking of you today & praying for you."

Celestine Gachuhi 'Selina'

"Happy mothers day to you strong women. You are doing great."

Carrol Sonnie

"Motherhood is such a beautiful thing. I'm so grateful to God for this far. Happy mothers day to all mums. You are all doing an amazing job. I love you."

Daddy Owen wrote to his mum;

"I call her NyaSakwa.. NyarOlielo!! My mum, she's courageous, strong, loving, caring.. a teacher and my hero. I thank GOD for the perfect gift!! She's the most important woman in my life!! She fought so hard for us, making sure we eat well, we go to school, we grow up with highest form of discipline! Shes one person I can feel her smile in her voice when we talk on phone😊 her joy always makes me happy. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MADHEE 😊😍❤

Julie Gichuru

"Happy Mama's Day sweet Mama. You are appreciated. Love you so much! Here with Mama and my younger brother Kibui."

Njugush wrote to his wife Celestine Ndinda;

"Special mother's day WaTugi You take care of all of us without complaining. Alot on your shoulders but you don't complain. We are really blessed to have you of great heart. Tugi knows he has the best Mom ,juzi he said nilimchagulia Mum mpoa. I'm glad it's you, Wouldn't want it any other way.If you ever doubt you are doing a good job please look at your 1st born, that's some proper job done.Siamini we are this far.Shukran for being super supportive through Thick and Thin .Thank you for purely loving my mother means the world,thanks for cultivating love n life .We love you Mama.."

Wahu Kagwi

"Nothing gives me more happiness than being a mum.Nothing has humbled me more than being a mum. Nothing has brought me closer to God than being a mumNothing has brought me closer to my own mum, than being a mum. To my fellow mums, let's normalize celebrating ourselves more. We are doing GOOD!! we are doing our best! And God knew your kids needed a mum just like you.Happy mother's day mummies!! We are the REAL DEAL!! "

Corazon Kwamboka

"Being a Mother made me experience love like I never felt before. Made me strong like I never imagined. It made me understand what a sacrifice is. It made me appreciate and understand my own mother’s love, pain and sacrifices. Happy Mother’s Day to all women out their. We’ve all mothers whether you’ve given birth biologically, hoping to do one day, or raising children not biologically yours."

Abel Mutua wrote to his wife Judy Nyawira

"Happy Mother’s Day Mama Mumbus!!! You’re a mother to many despite the fact that you’re the same size as your daughter. Thank you love for being the absolute best. @judynyawira."

Kabi Wa Jesus described his wife Milly Wa Jesus as caring and strong

"Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely wife @millywajesus our beautiful children remind me of your strength and beauty every single day.Asante for caring and delivering our babies.Asante for making me a dad Asante for loving us all.Asante for never giving up on our family.Asante for your sacrifice of love  and being selfless in taking care of our children.Asante for being an amazing mum, nakupenda .Happy Mother’s Day my love and all amazing mums out here we love you."

Skylanta wrote to his partner Anne Kansiime 

Happy Mother's day mama @selassie_ataho1 Thank you for giving life to our priceless gift (ok even me I was part of the process but ehhhhh how you carried on was memorable)Enjoy today ❤

Yvtte Obura shared a photo with Diana Marua and wrote;

"Happy mother's day to this incredible women.My mom, my siz @oburamercy and mama heav @diana_marua"

Ivy Namu

"Happy Mother’s Day to me & all these amazing Mama’s in my life.You’re solid gold, thank you for all that you are Happy Mother’s Day to All mum’s out there, (those with angel babies, step mums, adoptive mums, mums in waiting & aunties who play the part) we see you & always know, you are divine #mothersday #peaceandlight"

Caroline Mutoko shared a photo with her two kids and wrote;

Mimi huyooo and the people who call "Mama" (sometimes about 100 times a day Here's to you my dear sister and those who call you Mum.*Have a wonderful day, because you are.*Be blessed, because you are.*Stay awesome, because you are.

Jambi Koikai

"Happy Mother's Day. God bless you abundantly as you have loved, nurtured and cared. We celebrate you everyday.Mary Njambi Koikai(Fyah Mummah) for Dagoretti South Mp seat Independent candidate."