Kamene Goro in studio
Kiss Fm radio host Kamene Goro in studio
Image: Kiss Fm

Kamene Goro dedicated her morning baby girl segment to all the new and young mothers across the nation.

She took her time to remind them that they were doing fantastic in their new positions.

Which was such a cute gesture considering how being in a new position can be trying. 


"Today's baby girl is to a lot of new moms out there... new young moms. I know sometimes life can have dealt you a bad card and you're here now with an amazing human being who makes you life make so much sense but it's  definitely hard. I see a lot of you go through it. I just want to let you know you're doing fantastic." Kamene told her listeners.

The radio host went on to encourage the moms to learn to take a day at a time and be lenient on themselves considering being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the universe.

"I keep on saying it is not easy being a mom, it is no easy task but right now  considering you've started the journey guaranteed it is going to be okay." Kamene said. 

She went on to praise them, acknowledging that accepting responsibility of a whole human being is not easy but considering the uncertainties and circumstances having picked up the mantle and deciding to tackle motherhood is in itself such a strong phenomenon.

"Accepting the responsibility is not an easy one, the journey is not going to be an easy one but take it a day at a time and it is going to be okay. Let us focus on the amazing individual that has been brought into your life."

Kamene acknowledged that she gets that the journey is challenging, whether one is ready or not and you can't be sure of anything along the journey but being committed to it makes all the difference and it's a sort of guarantee that you're going to be fine.

"Even as you are tired and wondering how you're going to maneuver this just remember it is going to be okay and you're doing well baby girl. Just take it a step at a time."  The radio host said sending love to mothers everywhere.