Kamene Goro
Kiss fm presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Capital news

Kamene told her listeners that the next time anyone came up to her and asked her when she was planning on getting pregnant she would actually pour a drink on them.

"And if they tell you that they want to give you a kid?" Obinna asked.

"Even worse! Now I do not even have a choice on the person I am going to reproduce with? You have already chosen for me?" The radio host replied. Re-assuring her co-host that she does not want kids.

She went on to add that she does not understand the pressure that people put on women to have kids and the audacity people have to poke their noses into people's personal businesses.

"I am saying this with all humility, I do not know what it is but between the age of like 22 or sometimes as early as 20 years, up till let us say 33 years.... and this is for chics, by the way, anytime you are having a conversation or you are at a place then someone asks you, 'Do you have kids?' And you are like 'No, not yet' or just 'No'. I don't know why everyone shouts, 'You know you should have kids!'." Kamene said.

She went on to ask people to keep such comments to themselves as they are quite offensive and rude.


"Stop saying that please! Guys it is offensive to tell a woman when to have a child because after all it is her body... and you do not know what the journey of pregnancy is," the radio host added as she expounded on the matter.

She asked people to stop putting pressure on women to have kids because the pregnancy journey can be extremely difficult and secondly women are not just reproduction vessels.

Such remarks make one feel as if they are just microwaves for children.

Her co-host, Oga Obinna sensing that she might be agitated jokingly asked her who had offended her or was pressuring her to have kids, " Kamene nani alikwambia uzae?"

"It is not even about that or about me.... I read a story about Milly Chebi, She did a QnA on her Instagram and someone came and asked her sasa mtoto wa pili anakuja lini?" Which Kamene found very shameless considering the person asking the question did not even have any ties to Milly and they did not know each other personally.

And that encounter triggered Kamene because people and their audacity is appalling and she does not get the pressure that women are given.

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