Stivo simpleboy
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Stivo Simpleboy, who is well known for his fierceness when it comes to making a statement, revealed that he would want to sire 50 kids.

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, the 'Freshi barida' star said that he would want such a huge number of kids with only one woman.

"You know God brought us into this world so we can multiply and fill the earth so maybe I would fancy having 50 children," said Stivo leaving Kalondu Musyimi speechless.

Stivo explained that he believes in one man one woman kind of a setting hence the reason why he wants to procreate with just one.

He stated that his intentions are not to harm his lady and that he would just be following God's law.

"God himself said Gold and silver belong to Him so there is no need to worry," he said.

This comes just weeks after Stivo was dumped by his ex-lover Pritty Vishy over what was said to be a video that surfaced online of Stivo seductively dancing with a video vixen.

However, the Kibera based musician opened the lid on what led to their separation and listed infidelity, hard hardheadedness and bad manners as factors behind their break up.

He continued to say the the next woman he plans to settle down with doesn't need to have all the beauty in the world but someone who is loyal to her man.

I am not looking for beauty or makeup I go for a humble woman with good character and a loyal one. I am ready to settle but with the right person,” said Stivo.

Stivo is planning to hold a mega 'freshi barida' concert as well as many major surprises for his fans.

"Freshi barida' is a countrywide concert whose aim is to discover and promote budding talents and we'll announce when the time is right," added Stivo stating that lack of promoters and finances are things that kill upcoming talents.

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