Kenyan entertainer Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

While many celebrities keep off social media as a way of dealing with societal pressures, Eric Omondi thrives from it.

Speaking to Spmbuzz, Omondi says once the pressure from fans and haters dies down, he then gets pressure from within himself.

"I rarely have social media pressure. When I don't get pressure from social media then I have pressure. It's like it becomes so silent and then I am not OK. I don't mind it," said Omondi.

Omondi says the constant bashing from netizens and the negative talks don't get to him since he has a thick skin and obviously knows Kenyans only focus on the negative side of things.

"Negative is good, have you ever seen a wedding event aired during news time? The only thing you'll see is road accidents and people only talk about negative stuff."

He says he has since come up with a very smart and intelligent way of injecting his agendas into the negativity thrown at him, something which always works wonders.

"You call it kipindi but I know if I want Kenyans to talk now I know the buttons to press and it will never change. Hata ukiwaambia they'll still fall for it," he bragged.

A few days ago, Omondi flaunted his freshly acquired Ksh213,000 torn Balanciaga shoes.

In a phone interview with Kiss100, Eric revealed that he had actually purchased not one but two of the famous distressed pair of shoes that have people going crazy online.

“I've just shown people one pair only. I bought those ones at Ksh 213 thousand shillings. I have the grey ones as well... yes I bought two pairs. I just spent over 400k on shoes,” he bragged.

Claiming that they’re a statement piece “I bought them because they’re unique, artistic and creative, such an amazing statement piece, hakuna viatu zingine kama hizo," he defended his decision for the exuberant purchase

"Kwanza these ones I’ll wear them everywhere, you’ll never see me without them. I do not think I will be wearing any other pair in a long time,” he joked.