Oga Obinna
Radio host Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

In today's Kikao, Obinna was served with some hilarious drama.

Well, he seems not to mind all the crazy that comes with hosting the segment as his slogan is;

" It is about time that I get to do that thing that I like to do, call someone in your life and ask them why they did what they did to you, to you, for you, or with you."

Obinna went on to let us know that he had received a text from a guy who identified himself as Fredrick.

Fredrick seems to have ongoing issues with one of his tenants that he doesn't seem to fully comprehend.


Fredrick wanted Obinna to call the guy and get to the bottom of the issue, "Pigia huyu jamaa umuulize kwa nini anataka kunipiga." Obinna read out Fredrick's text.

Obinna made the call and identified himself to the person on the other end and the receiver was a proper character.

Obinna, went on to inform the receiver that he had gotten a text from Fredrick saying he is the guys caretaker and wanted to ask why the guy wanted to beat his landlord.


"Haka kaFreddie kamoja kablack kafupi, huko ni kwa radio?"

Obinna replied letting him know he was indeed live on Kiss FM.

He went on to highlight the background of his beef with the caretaker.

"Sasa huyo caretaker ata sijui anakuanga aje. Maji imekuwa ikiteremka hapa kwa pipe ya choo na nikimwambia kila saa analeta ujinga. Huyo kijana amenikatia stima. I am here wondering if he is a caretaker or KPLC," the caller ranted.

The angry tenant told Obinna that he indeed wanted to beat the caretaker and when he did he wanted the caretaker to call Obinna and tell him as well.

"Just because you have been given a tiny house does not mean the apartments are users. My rent arrears are only 800 shillings. Tell him to send someone to fix the water that is the only time I will pay the arrears," the distressed tenant ranted.

"Aki hii imeumana (well this one is a tough one) Freddie just send someone to do the repairs and do not step in that house on your own," a mesmerized Obinna advised.

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