Amber Ray
Socialite and musician Amber Ray
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Socialite turned musician Amber Ray recently clapped back at a netizen who decided to share their two cents of what Amber considered negativity on the social media personality's page.

Amber decided to share her little dots of wisdom with her fans.

She reminded ladies that their rich boyfriends would always take advantage of their poverty and would actually not put them in better positions as they claimed. 


Amber wrote, " I do not know who needs to hear this but your rich boyfriend will never get you a job, because he knows it is your poverty that is keeping you together." 

Followed by a laughing emoji.


A netizen who was clearly triggered by the media personality's words had a comeback for the mother of one.


The Instagram user identified as Sandra Peshy commented under Amber's post claiming that only stupid women would follow Amber's advice.

She wrote, "Stupid women with no value and ambition will be driven by her words." 


This is kinda funny considering that Amber was trying to remind women that their rich so-called boyfriends really do not have their backs like they pretend to.

Well, the Kamba babe was not having it, as we all know Amber is pretty vocal and does not entertain trolling and negativity on her page.  And she sure does serve heavy comebacks when triggered.

Amber replied to the netizen asking her why she was so bitter and if they had any beef, " Uko bitter kamam, kwani nilikukulia mtu wako? (You are so bitter darling, did I mess with your person?" 

Amber has had controversies, especially over the fact that she has been the second wife (or other woman if you please) in almost all her relationships.

Following the little dollops of advice a fan identified as Stanoh, mused that Amber gives off Amerix vibes, writing, " Amber Ray ndio Amerix wa madem." 

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