Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kenyans have been on the narrative about the high cost of living around the country, especially Nairobi and its surrounding.

On today’s Morning Show, Kamene continued to narrate how tough things are getting harder adding that she cannot go to a club nowadays unless it is a paid appearance.


“We are talking about where do you feel the pinch nowadays, it is a Friday which is the end of the week and probably the end of the month, this will be a pretty rough weekend, if there is something that doesn’t excites me but I have to do is that I have to fuel my car.” Said Kamene.

She further explained that she is constantly on the move, covering very long distances on different times of the day and night which is making her spend fuel three or more times compared to four years ago just because of the fuel price.

Obinna added, “I only have two eggs remaining and as we speak each retails at 15 shillings and now I hear a tray costs double the initial price, I even told my house manager not to touch the two eggs till the weekend.


The two continued to analyze the difference in the price of eggs as Kamene added that even the street sold eggs are going for 30 shillings from a standard 15 to 200 shillings before.

 Check out the video conversation below:

About a week ago, both Chito and Obinna were discussing how some of the currencies in Kenya are slowly growing useless.

We are getting to a point where a hundred bob is becoming useless and remember there was a time you could spend a hundred bob and come out with bread, milk and an egg or two depending with your bargaining power?" started Chito.

Obinna answered, “Right now a hundred is useless." Chito continued, “Now you can’t even come out with bread and milk you have to choose whether you will take the bread or the milk. Do you also remember when you could get tropical, 4 tropicals for 10 shillings now you can get only two or three at best for the same ten shillings?”

“Wapi? Kwa jam ni mbili for ten bob.” Obinna added.

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