Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

The government has officially opened the Green park terminus for use by the public.

However, many Kenyans including Kamene and Obinna are giving out their reasons why they think the terminus is still unfit for use.

The debate became a conversation during The Morning Kiss, where Obinna acknowledged its official opening but had a contrary opinion on why the project is incomplete.


The Green park terminus is officially in use. Remember that they have tried the park a couple of times. For the first time, they tried it in the morning and it was absolute chaos and then later tested it again for an evening session and it still backfired,” started Obinna.

The radio host continued to add saying that as of the moment, there are no holding spaces for vehicles to park.

Only 3 matatu’s per sacco are allowed in the terminus making it so inconvenient for both the operators and passengers.

Kamene backed up Obinna, saying, “Of course, three vehicles per sacco is not possible given the number of people you want to congregate around that area.”


The comedian continued, “They have tried three times, and all the times there were a lot of loopholes. Now they conducted an operation that would help them figure out the entry and exit points and other machinery which they haven’t tested yet.”.

Upon hearing this, Kamene hilariously joked, “Who are Kenyans, let's open it today without testing. We haven’t tested the entry and exit points because what is a little bit of chaos to Kenyans, you know its three times bigger than a railway station, you guys can just suffer.”

From an article by a Kenyan newspaper, Matatu operators have been warned of chaos as they move to Green Park today.

It was highlighted that during the previous testing, there was no solution for the physically handicapped people, the elderly, or even the sick.

Do you think the Government should have officiated the use of Green park irrespective of the different upgrades need?

Check out the video conversation below:

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