Kamene Goro
Kiss fm presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Capital news

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro says she can never put a price on herself; yes honeys, she's priceless.

Kamene was reacting to Hamisa Mobetto coming out to say that men have paid dowry for her and the least a man ever paid was Tsh 10 million which is equivalent to Ksh 500K.

"A lot of men are looking to marry her, a lot of potential suitors,' said Obinna, Kamene's co-host


Adding "She wants to bring something on the table. Ladies nowadays are like I should set my dowry praise I'm like excuse you?"

Kemene remembered that Stevo Simple Boy's girlfriend Pritty Vishi also said her dowry is at two million Kenyan shillings.

"For me, the spirit of dowry was a great thing for women traditionally., it was founded on something sincere, it was an appreciation to the lady's parents."


She continued "Its not an exchange. I would never put a price on myself."

Kamene said when she was a kid, she'd fantasize about it but not anymore.

"What is important is to find someone who loves and respect you enough to consider paying your dowry"

Obinna added that dowry has now become an exchange of goods and services.

"Most of the time people pay a lot of money for dowry, most of them end up being abusive because the one who paid the dowry thinks they own you. Like I bought you, people never realize when it becomes an exchange of goods and services when money is involved its purchase, its slavery, you've made yourself a commodity."

Obinna concluded by saying women should leave dowry negotiations for the elders.