Kamene Goro
Kiss fm presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Capital news

CEO of Babes/ babygirl lifestyle Kamene Goro decided to share a few dollops of wisdom with her babe listeners as she urged them to learn to love themselves.

"Now weirdly enough for the past month or so I've been meeting very many young ladies who find themselves in a situation and the one thing they tell come and tell me is Kamene I love him so much I cannot leave. I wish I could leave but I can't because I still love him," Kamene said. 


Kamene shared how such statements make her feel terrible because she understands that it is a very common thing.

There are a lot of ladies stuck in toxic relationships because they feel they need to make things work thus can not leave.

They feel trapped but their minds have concluded that they have to stay because they love this person.


"Baby girl imagine you can leave... ata kama unampenda, jipende kwanza ( even though you love him, you should love yourself more. Love you first," insisted Kamene.  

"As women we are the last pick to pick ourselves first, always.... we keep on thinking about the love we have for the said person, responsibilities we might have and how things were in the past so many other things," the radio host added. 

Kamene went on to add that it is very easy for women to forget themselves when it comes to the grand scheme of things. But insisted that putting yourself first and leaving is the among the very first steps in truly loving yourself.

"I want you to stop feeling as if you are being held hostage in your situation. Even though you love him, learn to love yourself too and leave, " Kamene finished off. 

Some of her listeners seemed to resonate with her words and took to the comment section to share their two cents.

Below are a few comments: 


blackaloosir: aki I always say it's okay to leave... and self love must be a top priority

roserozie.n254: keep advising

judywadero: Nyar Onyango I told you jipende kwanza 


brenda_endere9419: akitoka umsongee kando ya bones... lol mmatch tarruz

hawaandaro: true baby girl 

emilymetoi: love this 

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